Simple lovely satin silk wedding dresses collection

Simple lovely satin silk wedding dresses collection

In the garment industry, silk is one of the preferred materials because of its soft, smooth and shiny surface. Therefore, satin silk wedding dresses are always hot products that are sought after by girls to help exude elegance and sophistication on their wedding day. Today, we invite you to to learn about the most popular types of silk today as well as take a look at the silk wedding dresses that are storming the market!

Why are silk wedding dresses preferred by many brides?

In the world, the wedding dress fashion industry has never cooled down, constantly releasing unique and strange designs to meet the needs of customers as well as market trends. Accordingly, the materials commonly used to sew wedding dresses such as lace, silk, chiffon, mesh fabric, ... have also been improved in production technology, for the best quality. In particular, wedding dresses made from silk are always the first choice because they have a simple style according to the prevailing trend and help the bride look much more luxurious and noble.

Silk material is often suitable for all body shapes, from tall and skinny to round,... thanks to the following characteristics:

As a high-quality fabric that is tough and durable, most brides do not need to worry about the dress being torn or damaged when moving too much.

The surface is glossy and soft, so if you are in the sun or standing under the lights, it will look very eye-catching and gorgeous, taking up the whole aura of the party.

Silk has better heat balance than other materials. Therefore, if the wedding is held in the summer, the bride wearing it will not worry about being hot and sweaty, and in the winter, it will always create a feeling of warmth.

Because of these preeminent features, silk wedding dresses have long been the first choice for women on their important day.

What types of silk are often chosen to design wedding dresses?

1. High-quality silk

Among silk fabrics, silk is considered the most advanced, so in the past, when the economy was not developed, most of it was only popularly used by aristocrats and royalty. Silk is the result of the cocoon release of silkworms, 100% natural, so it is quite rare. Silk fabric is usually soft, has a slight drape, good elasticity, and has a pearly lustre on the surface. However, one of the biggest disadvantages of this type is that it is easy to wrinkle, which is difficult to flatten.

2. Luxurious glossy silk

The second silk material to mention is non-glossy. This type is made up of layer-by-layer weaving, usually with 2 different sides: coarser inside and smoother outside. Their advantages are high durability, good aesthetics due to their ability to catch light in sunlight or lights, fewer wrinkles and a light weight. However, compared to silk, it has lower breathability, so it can cause discomfort to the wearer.

3. Silky smooth silk

Brides who love simplicity and sophistication can choose wedding dresses made from this non-slip fabric. Compared to silk, non-slippery is more affordable, so it is suitable for most budget expenditures.

This is a medium-glossy material that helps the bride become casual and elegant. Therefore, it is often used to sew princess dresses with natural flares to add femininity.

4. Soft satin silk

Silk satin material is usually woven from silk to give the fabric an extremely smooth surface. Due to its bright shine that is visually attractive, light weight, and its luxurious and aristocratic beauty, it is often chosen as a priority for wedding dresses. In addition, they also have a variety of colours, so they produce more products to suit the tastes of more consumers.

However, when wearing satin silk wedding dresses, you need to pay attention to avoid hitting sharp objects because it are easy to scratch, making the costume unsightly.

Elegant, simple satin silk wedding dresses
1. Simple flowing silk wedding dress

Not too bulky like a flared skirt nor too restrictive like a body-hugging style, a flowing silk dress always makes the wearer feel comfortable and easy to move. That is extremely suitable for wedding parties when the bride and groom need to go to each table to greet guests.

2. Elegant fishtail silk wedding dress

If the measurement of 3 rounds is standard, do not forget to choose fishtail designs because it will help you show off your hot body as well as bring the beauty of power and irresistible attraction.

3. Elegant classic long-sleeved silk wedding dress

Although modern designs are constantly being released, classic designs have never ceased to be hot because of the elegance and taste that they bring. Along with that, it will help conceal very well, so you don't need to worry about big biceps or quite a lot of fat in your second round!

4. A seductive backless silk wedding dress

The bold cuts always make the outfit stand out more. Therefore, with this design, the bare back and smooth skin will be fully displayed. At that time, the bride looked very attractive and sexy.

5. Silk wedding dress with gentle breasts

Round 1 is the most prominent highlight in this design. Usually, the silk wedding dress with the bust cup will be designed in the most minimalist way to create elegance as well as focus all eyes on the upper body of the outfit.

6. Princess floating silk wedding dress

In the past, people often thought that silk was soft and smooth, so it was impossible to sew princess dresses. However, in fact, silk can completely create the shape for this design. Basically, it will not create too big of a spread like other materials, but it still creates an A-like shape, so it still has a certain buoyancy, exuding femininity for the wearer.

7. Soft satin silk wedding dress

With high aesthetics, women should not ignore simple satin silk wedding dresses. Thanks to its natural shine and perfect light capture, this outfit will help the bride shine at the ceremony of her life, while creating elegance and power thanks to the delicate details decorated above.

8. Luxury non-glossy fabric wedding dress

Non-glossy wedding dresses usually come in two colours: white or cream. This fabric can be designed in a variety of designs, so if you love it, you will have a lot of options to choose from.

9. Silk lace wedding dress

Although it is a discreet design with long sleeves, most of the bride's smooth skin is still cleverly shown under the thin lace layer. In addition, most of these styles will go with a loose figure to create the most harmony.

10. Sexy two-trap satin wedding dress

The two-string design is so familiar to women, but the simple two-string satin silk dresses are always a worthy option because of the feature that show off their seductive bare shoulders and full bust.

The trend of minimalist, gentle, and delicate wedding dresses, focusing on sewing materials has become very popular in recent times. That is also the reason why silk satin wedding dresses are so popular. However, you also need to consult carefully to choose the right wedding dress to avoid revealing flaws on your body! Wish the brides of always shine on their wedding day!

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