All About The Veil

All About The Veil

A little advice, on how to master the veil

Veils have been around nearly as long as the institute of marriage. Once a Greek method of protecting the bride from evil spirits and a Medieval symbol of chastity; the veil has recently seen an unprecedented revival. Veils come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, colors and cuts. Veils can be a clever way to cover your shoulders in a traditional church wedding if you wish to wear a strapless dress or a great way to further accessorize your outfit.

if you’re wearing a full lace gown, you could consider a veil with lace edging. If you’re wearing a dress that has everything sparkles, lace and tulle then perhaps opt for a simple veil, something single-tier and elegant.

Try them all! You don’t have to make the decision instantly, try the ‘floral one’, the ‘sparkly one’ or the ‘two-tier one’ it never hurts to be sure.

This is your day, wear which veil you feel most comfortable in and suits you most.

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